2023-2024 GCSE Mathematics
Nets of 3D Shapes
View each net and sketch the shape you believe it will form. Once you have finished your sketch, use the cursor to close the net. Check if you have d…
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Activity. If each length of the net shown is 2cm ... a) draw a scaled drawing at 1:2 writing the perimeter or the small and large b) ..area (small and large) c) perimeter scale factor d) area scale factor
Activity: .. Q) Whats is this shape called? Q) What does it 'fold' into when made 2d into 3d ? Q) If the base of a single triangle is 4cm and the height is 6cm, can you find the perimeter of the net? or the volume of the pyramid ?
Activity: Complete this sheet on ...Geometry.Recognising Prisms
Activity: Complete this sheet on ...Geometry. Properties Of 3D Shapes
Activity: Heres the 'NET' of a house laid flat (2d) Q1) Can you identify the shapes in the net? Q2) if the height of the house is 10m, length is 8m and width is 7m, can you lable the diagram? Q3) What is the surface area of all faces? Q4) What volume does the house take up?
Activity: Look to the last few sheet. Q) Can you match the PLAN views with the 3D blocks? Q) What about other views? Q) What are the volumes?