ACTIVITY: Work Out A Basic Wage Formula. Replace the letters with values. Q) Can you show how to work out a wage of £1500 by creating values for r and h?.. Q) Can you find how much you earn if you work for 37hrs per week at a rate of £10 per hour using this formula?
ACTIVITY: Try different values for I, P and Y to see what answers you get. Q) can you find the number of years needed to make £100 from £50 with interest rate of 4% ? Q) If you leave £250 in the bank for 3years with interest rate of 2% find the amount after 3 years.
ACTIVITY: ..Temp Conversion Formula. Try converting TODAY'S Celsius temperature into Fahrenheit, check you got your answer right online. Q) What is 29C in F ? Q) What is 30F in C ?